Sunday, June 21, 2015

LGBT Asians Begin TV Campaign Featuring Their Parents

Every day brings more folks out of the closet from all countries and societies, including across Asia and the Pacific Islands and here in America. A new social marketing campaign launched this month promoting visibility in these communities and I'm giving their news release a bit of attention.

Unfortunately, one of the nonprofits behind this laudable campaign, the Asian Pride Project, has disabled the embed function of their powerful videos but you can view them at the project's YouTube channel.

Many conversations will take place because of the TV ads and social media attention, conversations that will advance acceptance and love in Asian and Pacific Islander families for their queer friends and relatives.

Here's some info:

For Pride Month 2015, we pause to commemorate the powerful achievements in our struggle for LGBT equality. There is much to celebrate. However, some LGBT communities continue to face resistance. Especially the LGBT Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Due to centuries of religious and cultural tradition, many LGBT Asian-Americans remain in the closet. Or if they come out, they risk being exiled from family. This month, a powerful new television advertising campaign depicts Asian and Pacific Islander parents declaring unconditional love and support for their LGBT children.

This groundbreaking series of public service announcements will air on Asian television stations across America during Pride Month. Airing in 8 Asian languages and dialects, the PSAs will reach millions of viewers. The attached media release explains more – and provides links to these powerful public service announcements. The series was created by the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) and Asian Pride Project.

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