Friday, June 12, 2015

Mrs Mirkarimi's Show Zapped; She Backs Eviction Moratorium

Ah, the pleasures of making a dramatic, show-stopping cameo appearance in a live theatrical production and achieving a political goal!

Eliana Lopez, the wife of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi who is facing a tough reelection battle and has not taken a stand on an eviction moratorium, stepped out on to the stage to perform her ""Cuál Es el Escándalo?" or "What Is the Scandal?" bilingual monologue at the Mission Cultural Center, tonight to wild applause.

I stood up with my flyer comprised of eviction stats from Mirkarimi's office showing 3,100 evictions executed during his tenure and called on her to endorse the eviction moratorium.

She was full of good humor and smiled a knowing look my way, as I explained to the audience that I wanted her to back this moratorium and boos were yelled at me. A male member of audience came over to me and put his hands on my shoulder attempting to steer me outta the limelight.

How San Francisco is it that a zapper is zapped? Quite, I'd say.

All due credit to Eliana who never lost her composure, seemed to enjoy the improv spectacle unfolding, and then said after I again asked if she endorsed the eviction moratorium, said "Yes, I endorse!"

Very fine of her to stand in solidarity with the nascent eviction moratorium effort shaping up in the Mission. Sure would love to know what she and her husband discuss about tonight's show and Eliana's backing of this important moratorium. Check out my video:

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