Monday, June 29, 2015

Unanimous SOTF Vote Against Breed Related to Her Calendar

I've been tangling with San Francisco's president of the Board of Supervisors, London Breed, for willfully disregarding sections of the City's open government laws when it comes to my requests for a copy of her work calendar.

In April, in response to my public records request for a duplicate of Breed's calendar for February, she claimed demise of such a public document as of February 1 and this was the basis for lodging a complaint with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force.

At a City Hall hearing, two floors above where Breed and her three paid staffers carry out City business which is supposed to include adhering to sunshine statutes and requests to send a knowledgeable person to SOTF meeting, the complaint committee heard my testimony. Since it was too far and too much trouble for Breed's brooding and hostile legislative aide Conor Johnston to make an appearance, no rep from her office rebutted my claims.

The committee of three voted unanimously to find Breed in violation of the section of law requiring her to have a rep at the complaint hearing. The second matter of failure to produce her calendar couldn't be considered without her rep.

While the SOTF full panel couldn't vote on that matter, it's my contention that Breed's refusal to keep and produce a calendar upon a public request and her ongoing hostility toward existing sunshine statutes is an outrageous display of contempt from the board president.

Breed is again asked by the SOTF to send a staffer to their compliance committee because this complaint of mine is still an open matter.

An Order of Determination was issued on June 29, today, and here are the pertinent sections:

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