Thursday, June 18, 2015

Supe Breed Lies About Her Calendar & Sunshine

There are numerous violations from the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force levied against Supervisor London Breed for her failures to comply with my requests for her calendar.

On June 2, the SOTF went on record expressing dissatisfaction she failed to send one of her three paid legislative aides to the hearing to explain why she ceased keeping a calendar as of February 1, in response to my asking to see a copy of it.

I was amused to watch and listen to Breed at the June 16 Board of Supervisors meeting state on camera that she maintains a calendar and complies with requests to make it transparent. Try telling that to the SOTF, Madame President of the Board.

Frankly, she lies when verbally claiming a calendar is kept and that it's so complex she needs new technology for her and three staffers to keep it current and properly categorized.

Watch this video of Breed lying at the June 16 meeting:

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