Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mike + Mike Celebrate 20th Anniversary Today

My, how the years fly by when you're happily partnered with a fantastic life-mate to share the joys, challenges, laughter and a few tears of living together.

On June 21, 1995, Mike Merrigan and I met through mutual friends and here it is twenty-years later we are celebrating a milestone.

The journey of our deep friendship and the creativity necessary to still love each other and enjoy being a couple, is my greatest accomplishment.

Mike and I are husbands, even though we "live in sin" without a marriage license, because we reclaim the term hubby for ourselves every time we say it.

Please share in our celebration today, as we take pride in our love and two decades united as one terrific couple!


Timothy Lunceford - Artist - Activist - Advocate said...

Congratulations. Men

Glenn Ingersoll said...

I'm glad your love lives on and on!

Mark King said...

What a wonderful milestone. Congrats, and may you have many more happy years together.