Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SF Pride Has 226 Parade Contingents But . . .

Every year at this time, I'm always curious to see the lineup of the SF Pride Parade's contingents and with Sunday just days away, here's the reply I received this morning from Marsha Levine who is vice president of the board and parade manager:

"As you can imagine, we’re very busy right now, and even so, the line up is still in a bit of flux and not yet finalized. We’d prefer not to put out misinformation and create confusion for the contingents. The best we can offer you, right now and pre-event, is the Alpha List of all registered contingents. Should we get the opportunity closer to the event, we’ll post an update."

If the SF Pride leaders can't finalize the lineup with five-days to go before the parade, I suggest they change the wording on their Parade Lineup page since the pertinent info is missing. I've posted the Alpha List at my Google Docs page here, which should also be shared on SF Pride's site.

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