Friday, June 05, 2015

Number of Evictions Executed by SF Sheriff so Far in 2015?

There has been much chatter among San Francisco progressives, especially in the Mission and Castro districts, about declaring an eviction moratorium to protect renters but one thing that never comes up is pressuring Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. He's responsible for executing tenant evictions and this is an election year for him and he's facing a serious challenger. 

Sounds like a recipe for much-needed pressure to be placed on Mirkarimi, but the current crop of community organizers in the David Campos orbit, paid and volunteer, aren't the least bit interested in making an eviction moratorium an election issue.

Today, I requested the number of tenant evictions carried out by Mirkarimi and his deputies and the responsive records show there were almost 380 completed evictions, through the end of May. I've followed up with the sheriff's department asking if they have an estimate of the number of residents evicted. Once I have their reply, I'll share it.

How many tenants must be evicted in the remaining months before November's election for progressives and Mission and Castro housing advocates to make the eviction moratorium proposal something for Mirkarimi and his challenger to address?

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