Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Weekday Woof #1:
Straight Juice Boys at Rainbow Grocery

A shopping trip to Rainbow Grocery just isn't complete unless I try out the samples of organic foods or beverages on offer from friendly outside salespeople. While at the store this morning, two fine fellas were hawking Hawaiian Ola, a natural energy drink. I downed a few cups of it and liked the drink a lot.

Okay, I also adored the fellas and thought they were so cool I simply had to have photos of them. When I told them this blog features a Weekend Woof series of guys who please my queer eye, they requested that I link to Hawaiian Ola when sharing their images. Happy to oblige, dudes!

Since I make the rules around here, I'm starting a new occasional photo series - Weekday Woof. Why should I run these photos only on the weekends? Let's get on to the pix.

Say hello to Scott, who's wearing the cap, and Derek, the beefier one with the super sexy bald head. If you're wondering if they're gay or not, Scott and Derek said they are straight boys but very friendly and happy.

Thanks guys, for striking a few poses for my camera this morning.

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woody said...


I hope you are well. I was thinking of you this AM, but am chained to my seminar paper!