Friday, December 07, 2012

SF Supervisor Complains of 'Bullying'

During out bisexual Christina Olague's short tenure as supervisor representing the Haight and District 5, appointed by Mayor Ed Lee earlier this year to replace Ross Mirkarimi when he became sheriff, I worked with her and her staff on numerous occasions. From policies governing flags on city property to global queer activism, Olague, pictured, took an interest and made herself available for photo-ops.

I believe she had an unbelievably tough row to hoe on the board, often suffering as the target of character assassination from all political sides. She was quite the punching bag for many power-brokers and constituents, and was voted out of office in November.

Today, she's getting excellent attention in a Dan Schreiber story in the San Francisco Examiner and is quoted speaking much truth to power. Good for her and I hope she continues her truth-telling about City Hall and our elected officials in her remaining time in office and beyond.

Important history to bear in mind, reading the following excerpt. In his inaugural address back in January, Lee bragged:

I came in determined to bring a new level of civility to City Hall. And despite a few rough patches (it was an election year after all) for the most part, we worked in an atmosphere of mutual respect and civility [in 2011].

For key members of his staff, that civility exists only on the surface and quickly evaporates when they don't get their way.

From the Examiner:

Outgoing Supervisor Christina Olague unloaded some hard feelings Thursday in front of officials from the Department on the Status of Women, who listened to the supervisor complain that she was bullied by local victim advocates because of her race and politics . . .

The department officials were at a Board of Supervisors Public Safety Committee hearing Thursday to discuss a proposed new workplace domestic violence policy for The City . . . But they got to hear about much more than that. 

“I think it’s too bad I have been scapegoated in this way,” Olague said, adding that it’s ironic The City would seek to protect victims from harm when she was aggressively chided by Mayor’s Office staff following her Mirkarimi vote. “It’s OK for the mayor’s staff to bully me? Some bullying is OK?” 

Tony Winnicker, one of Mayor Ed Lee’s top aides, texted Olague in disgust the night of the vote and called her “the most ungrateful and dishonorable person ever to serve on the board. You should resign in disgrace.” 

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