Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pink Pistols, Red Blood:
Lesbians With Assault Rifle Poster

Guns are a menace to American civilization and I have previously disclosed that in the past I have donated small amounts of money to be a member of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

That said, I'm quite disgusted today with the silence of the Pink Pistols, the Gay NRA, over the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Their web site, which, granted is quite bare bones on everything, offers no condolences to the families of the victims murdered last week.

Googling for any comments from Pink Pistols' leaders turned up only a passing reference in a column by Rick Rosendall in Metro Weekly.

This offensive image of smiling and intimate young lesbians, with one holding an assault rifle and an obnoxious simplistic equating of gay rights with gun rights, appears on the Pink Pistols page. Frankly, I don't see bullets, like the bracelet made of them, as mere fashion accessories.

Check out this other image from the Pink Pistols site. The sign on the far left reads, "H8TRS [haters] Can Suck My Glock". Nope, I don't want to link cocksucking in any way with using a Glock handgun. And what the hell do these gun-toting gays mean with "Carry Rights" and "Marry Rights" placards?

Finally, this image featuring an assault rifle with parts encased in pink plastic and text stating "Gays wear many hats, but keeping their loved ones safe is Job One", was found at this blog. I'm not sure it was created or endorsed by the Pink Pistols, but its underlying message that guns equal safety for gays nevertheless is a message that I don't agree with.

Whether the pistols are pink or black or another color, all victims of gun violence bleed red blood.

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