Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rainbow Over San Francisco;
NEMA District Debuts

Last September, while I was at the Little Hollywood laundromat, a rainstorm hit the city and afterward a rainbow was visible over Market Street and inspiring awe in lots of folks.

Today, I was again washing clothes when a downpour occurred and on my way home another rainbow shared its beauty over San Francisco. This image was shot at Duboce and Guerrero Streets and brought me great pleasure.

Here's another shot of those striped rays of color streaking across the sky this afternoon.

The goddess sure is blessing our fabulous city with her gorgeous rainbows this year, for which we should rejoice.

In other news here, I didn't know San Francisco gained a new district recently, until I noticed this sign today on the scaffolding at Market and 10th Streets where condos are under construction.

Click the image to enlarge it and you'll see that NEMA stands for New Market. The condos are being sold as the New Market Apartments.

Sure, Market Street from 5th up to Van Ness is undergoing rapid redevelopment, and the NEMA condos are across from Twitter's headquarters, and in some ways it's accurate to describe the gentrifying area as New Market.

However, given the influx of tech firms in the area and the workers employed by them earning robust salaries, it might be more honest to designate the debuting district as NEMO. That stands for New Money, and you're gonna need lots of it to move into the NEMA apartment or keep your affordable - if you're lucky enough to have it.

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