Friday, December 14, 2012

Castro's Rainbow Flag at 
Half Staff on Sun. for CT Gun Deaths?

 (The portable flagpole can be used at either Milk or Warner Plaza. Photos by longtime community photographer Bill Wilson, who purchased the 21-foot flagpole seen here.)

President Barack Obama today ordered all American flags on government property around the world to fly at half staff until Tuesday to honor the victims killed at a Connecticut school this afternoon. Like millions of people across America, I've been upset about this latest gun-related tragedy and wish to honor the president's proclamation and the dead.

That is why I am proposing a one-hour candlelight vigil Sunday, December 16, starting at 5 PM, and using the Gays Without Border mobile and adjustable 21-foot fiberglass flagpole and heavy metal stand to fly a 3'x5' lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rainbow flag at half staff in the Castro.

The simple point would be to show regret over the tragic loss of so many young lives, express sympathy to the survivors and condolences to all who lost love ones back east today. No formal speaking program, but anyone who wants to speak out is more than welcome to do so.

A few friends have said they'd come to the vigil, if it gets organized, so I'm gauging the level of interest among Castro stakeholders and the LGBT community that is grieving over the killings in Newtown, Connecticut.

Just a reminder that the MUMC-controlled flag has not and will not be lowered to mark this terrible loss of life.

Ideally, I'd like a solid commitment from a minimum of ten folks to show up and make the vigil happen at either Harvey Milk or Jane Warner Plaza. Are you someone who would attend a vigil this Sunday at 5 PM as dusk descends on the Castro neighborhood, where we are all too aware of tragedies brought about because of guns?

Time is of the essence, and if the Sunday vigil is to become reality, I'd like to have at least twenty-four hours to get the word out far and wide.

That is why I'm asking all interested folks to contact me by 2 PM tomorrow, Saturday. Should enough people commit to participate on Sunday, we can move ahead with organizing the event. Send me an email if you want to attend or assist in organizing the vigil:


woody said...

Michael, How do we honor the deaths of the innocent men, women, and children in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine who are killed every day under Obama's orders?

Michael said...

Woody, We can do that with a memorial event at Castro and Market using flags and our new flagpole on an appropriate date. Would love to hear your ideas to help make that happen. Our flagpole is available for community use by folks like you. Let's put the flagpole to good use!