Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend Woof #102: All-Male Vid + Pix 4 Queers

My last posting in this male-appreciation series was in July 2015. Too long a hiatus, so let's check out who's caught the attention of my queer eye lately. Weekend Woof is back!

Let's start with John, a weekday sales associate at the locally-owned Ace Hardware store on Market near Church Street. What a cute boy and absolutely friendly too.

Snapped a foto of him as he flawlessly and graciously assisted four costumers at once.

Say hello to Thomas, who was on line with me at the hardware store being entertained and waited on by John.

Here's Cooper who works at my favorite recycled men's clothing and kink store, Worn Out West, on Market near Castro Street. He told me yesterday his ancestry is Scottish and I can see him in kilt.

Attractive furry-faced fella on BART.

Who knew the Treasure Island Media kink porn outfit had a brand of underwear for sale? Boy waiting for BART train to arrive.

As always, many thanks to the fellas for gracing the lens of my trusty camera.

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Rick Garcia said...

I adore you!