Friday, April 01, 2016

SF Chronicle's Nevius Hired as Wiener's Media Director

This news from the Hearst-owned newspaper hit my inbox this morning. I know many progressives and liberals will be happy with this news. Maybe now the Chron will hire a lefty columnist to counter all the convservative ones still writing for the rag! Read this memo from the paper's managing editor:

From: Audrey Cooper
Sent: Fri 04/01/2016 7:32 AM
To: SFC-Metro
Subject: Chuck Nevius is Moving On

Dear Newsroom Colleagues and Friends,

As you have no doubt heard by now, our brightest marquee columnist Chuck Nevius is leaving our diverse and provocative stable of must-read opinion writers to take a long-sought job with his friend Supervisor Scott Wiener.

Chuck begins his new job on May 1 as Director of Media Relations for Scott's state Senate campaign. They'll make a great political team ready to engage voters, journalists and bloggers and challenge progressive leaders in local and state civic arenas.

Many of our readers across the Bay Area and beyond, remember that Chuck has a large online following beyond our local borders, will sorely miss his delightfully crusty and pointed shake-'em-up pieces.

They need not worry about no longer keeping up-to-date on their collaboration.

Nothing will change in how we're dedicated to covering Scott's political rise and legislative proposals, except I commit us fully to always disclosing that our soon-to-be former colleague is employed by the Supervisor.

Please join me in thanking Chuck for his years of dedicated journalistic service to our cherished publication and wishing him all the best in his exciting new adventure -- some would say bromance -- with Scott. 

We'll miss you, Chuck!


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