Thursday, April 28, 2016

50 HIV+ Arkansas Inmates Jailed Under Clinton's Exposure Laws

I blogged on Monday, April 25, about the current number of HIV poz prisoners in Arkansas' jails convicted of exposure violations stemming from transmission laws signed by Gov Bill Clinton in 1989. That list of names is above.

More data from the Arkansas Department of Correction released after I filed a FOIA request, this time for info on formerly incarcerated folks guilty of these violations, was released this week.

It shows a total of 29 former prisoners. Top race was white at 17, followed by blacks at 11, and 1 Hispanic, with 25 males and four females (1 black and 3 white).

The number of current inmates in this category is 13 blacks, 17 whites, 1 Native American and 1 female.

Add them to previous figures and the overall number of previous inmates and the number come to 24 whites, 23 blacks, 1 Native American, 1 Hispanic and 5 females.

Combine the 29 ex inmates to the currently incarcerated 21 and the total of all persons, as far as I can determine, is 50 who were prosecuted, convicted and jailed for breaking the Arkansas transmission laws.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton needs to address why she apparently said and did nothing to prevent these laws from being signed, nor called for their reform until last month and what she'll do during campaign to address repealing HIV exposure laws and releasing folks convicted of violations.

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