Friday, April 22, 2016

Living With HIV Poz Face & Had Fat Injections?

This week, I had my first consultation at UCSF's plastic surgery clinic for information about dealing with the creases in my cheeks known as HIV poz face.

My facial appearance hasn't bothered me until recently, when thanks to bariatric surgery I lost about 80 pounds including losing fat from my around my nose, and the poz face symptoms became more pronounced.

I was assigned to a nice 44-year-old Jewish doctor originally from the Bronx named Jason Pomerantz and we developed a good rapport from the get-go. He sure seemed pleased seeing me with pen and pad taking notes.

The UCSF folks checked with my public insurance carriers and called me to schedule an appointment in June for fat injections.

What Pomerantz would do is take fat from my belly near my navel then inject it into my cheeks. I would be asleep during the procedure. He says this method is preferable and permanent versus silicon and artificial facial fillers.

Well, I'm not quite ready to get the fat injections. I'm first trying to speak with another longterm AIDS survivor or two who've had the procedure and solicit their reactions and advice.

If you're living with HIV and went the fat injection route to deal with your poz face, please get in touch with me soon. Many thanks!

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