Monday, December 12, 2011

Cute Mormon Teens Resist My
Recruiting Them for the Gay Life

In recent years I've developed a routine of approaching young and handsome male recruiters from the Mormon religion prowling the streets of San Francisco for converts, chatting them up and snapping a few pix of them. The boys are well-trained to deal with all sorts of unique people and situations, and I try not to disappoint them for a few brief moments.

After introducing myself and making sure they're genuine Mormons, not just cute dudes satirizing Mormons, my second question is are they recruiting for Jesus Christ and their particular beliefs. They speak of their mission and ask for my time. I've performed this routine previously here and here and here and here.

Tonight these two nineteen-year-olds, Elder Lai, born in Singapore, left, and Elder Wilson who hails from the South, showed up at our door wanting to preach their religion to me.
It was hard for them to get a word in edgewise, as I snapped away and peppered them with questions about joining the gay life, and keeping their religion if they wanted to.

Lai made a valiant attempt to speak about God, but I derailed him by asking where he got acquired his adorable smile and accent. Wilson spoke of guys with "same-gender attraction", and impressed with use of the phrase, who worship at their San Francisco congregation.

Told them to get with accepting gay people and go way beyond tolerance, and to preach that message at their local congregation and wherever they go next as part of their missionary duties.

When asked if they were gay, both said no in most friendly way. I sent them on their way with advice to wear a hat and avoid getting a cold. Ah, the pleasures of giving a lesson or two to young Mormons who need exposure and engagement on all levels.

Why not talk to a these guys the next time you see them? They are quite ready to have conversations with people who don't agree with them.

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