Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Recall Scott Wiener' Facebook Group
Launched by Castro Attorney Zollman

I'm not a Facebook person, so I have not seen the page created by Castro resident and attorney Stephen Zollman to recall Supervisor Scott Wiener, but if you're on Facebook you can check out the page here.

The last I heard, over fifty people had joined the Recall Scott Wiener effort and I wish them the best of luck.

Local political artist and activist Clinton Fein has created the two images you see posted here, and if you use his artwork be sure to give him proper credit.

I've invited Zollman to speak about his recall organizing on December 17 at noon in Harvey Milk Plaza, during the latest Occupy the Castro effort and our first General Assembly. Come join the GA in the Castro on Saturday!

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Mike Zonta said...

Two hot pictures of Scott Wiener.