Monday, October 04, 2010

Houston Lesbian Mayor Parker
Speaks on Asher Brown Bully Death

This just hit my inbox. I'm damn proud I emailed and called the Mayor's office, to press for this short statement. It's something, small s, and I will give Annise Parker small credit for ending her silent about the bullying death of Asher Brown in her hometown.

It was true in the 1980s and still rings authentic:

Gay electeds: Open yours mouths, please, for those who are bullied today and cannot speak for themselves!

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Here’s Mayor Parker’s statement regarding Asher Brown:

“What happened to Asher Brown, his family and friends is a tragedy. This situation is being investigated by the proper authorities, but it is a sign that bullying of any kind can have deadly consequences. It reminds us that young people who are targets of bullying need love and support,” said Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

Justin V. Concepcion
Social Media/Office of the Mayor

Now, let's hear from Kevin Jennings, Brian Bond and EVERY gay elected official, in addition to Gay Inc putting out this request: Mr. President, Please speak out. Your silence will not protect bullied gay kids.

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Brandon said...

I think it is somewhat silly of you to have expected Mayor Annise Parker, whose jurisdiction is nil in Cypress, Texas, to comment on Asher Brown's suicide.