Friday, October 22, 2010

Fox Inc Gave $2.2M to NPR,
Vs $2.4M in Government Grants?

The powers-that-be at National Public Radio earlier this week fired commentator Juan Williams, over anti-Muslim remarks he made on Fox News, where he is also employed as a pundit. Since he was let go, conservatives have been demanding that the government no longer subsidize NPR, an outlet viewed by the right as a liberal news outfit.

You know me, when I'm curious about such claims of government grants to a nonprofit, I go and search their most current IRS 990 forms. To their credit, NPR officials post four years' worth of tax filings where grant info is located.

Here's the deal on government money awarded to NPR. In 2005 it received $436,107, during 2006 it was $438,000, for 2007 the amount was $941,169, and in 2008 it was $634,165. The four-year total comes to $2,449,441 in government dollars.

On the other hand, according to NPR's annual reports on donors and sponsors reveal parts of the Fox empire are large donors.

The 2005 report shows 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment gave between $50,000 - $99,999. Unfortunately, NPR's annuals don't give precise figures, so for all amounts given by a Fox entity, I've settled on the middle amount of the widespread donation figures. For argument's sake, I'm saying the amount was $75,000.

For 2006 Fox Searchlight Pictures was in the same ballpark, and I'm estimating it gave NPR $75,000.

In 2007 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Fox Searchlight Pictures separately gave between $500,000 - $999,999, so I'm settling on the figure of $750,000 for each, bringing that year's Fox Inc donations to $1,500,000.

And during 2008, Fox Searchlight Pictures gave between $250,000 - $499,000, and I'm guessing it was $350,000. The 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment outfit donated between $100,000 - $249,000, and I peg the amount at $200,000. Lastly, the Fox Broadcasting Company gave between $50,000 - $99,999, and my guess is that the figure was $75,000. For 2008 my estimate is that Fox Inc entities coughed up $625,000.

The sub-totals of $75,000, $75,000, $1,500,00, and $625,000 add up to $2,275,000. That is just a tad shy of the $2,449,441 in government grants for the same four-year period.

Maybe those calling for the government funds to NPR be cut should also demand that all Fox Inc outfits end their donations to the radio outlet cease. 

Bottom line: NPR and Fox Inc should provide the public with specific figures for donations from Fox Inc entities, so we can more accurately compare Fox donations with the government grant amounts.

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Unknown said...

I've been looking around, but haven't been able to find it-

Does Fox receive any money from Big Gubment (I mean the US government: we already know they take money from the Saudi government).