Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fox News: 
Activist Decries Obama Silence on Bully Deaths

What will it take for Barack Obama to speak out on the bullying deaths of recent weeks? So many people, including the Education Department head Arne Duncan, have called on everyone to speak out about this spike in gay and questioning kids killing themselves. I would like to know why the President has nothing to say about these deaths.

From Fox News today:

But online outlets that focus on gay issues have accused the administration of not speaking out. San Francisco-based gay rights advocate and blogger Michael Petrelis repeatedly has urged top officials, including President Obama, to do more to address the suicides. He said in an e-mail to FoxNews.com that the administration is giving "the silent treatment" to the issue.

"Obama's silence harms all kids bullied -- gay, straight, or questioning," Petrelis said, adding that Jennings needs to demonstrate "regular public engagement."

"We cannot overlook the almost-invisible and nearly-mute Kevin Jennings," he said. "A good time for him to break his silence would be now, and to do so on the topic of how federal dollars will be used to address the bullying epidemic."

Jennings discussed the incidents in an interview Tuesday with Bay Windows, a gay-audience newspaper in New England. He said the recent suicides are not a new phenomenon and that the high rate of suicides among gay youth "is something that has been documented and known for a very long time." [...]


Gregory Jones said...

Thank you Michael! We need more people like you on this earth.

Bob Schwartz said...

Could it be that Obama just doesn't give a damn? And that he worries if he condemns the bullying that led to the suicides that antigay bigots might not vote for the Democrats
who don't give a damn either?