Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clinton Cites Serb Police 'Bravery':
Omits Gay Marchers Courage

The American Secretary of State, Madame Hillary Rodham Clinton, had a few nice things to say about Serbian security forces for doing their jobs at Sunday's Gay Pride Parade. Her remarks were made after a private meeting with Serbia's top political leader yesterday:

I also thank President Tadic and your government for your commitment to protect the human rights of all the citizens of your country. I especially want to commend the bravery of the police who provided security for the event for last Sunday’s pride parade. It was not easy, and yet we watched as the official law enforcement forces demonstrated unequivocally your support for the rights of all.

The police on duty this Sunday in Belgrade did indeed act admirably, in an incredibly hostile and potentially-deadly urban street situation in a wartorn region.

But what concerns me here is that the Secretary did not offer a word of praise or honor for the courageous gay marchers and participants at the rally, including the straight allies which included our Ambassador, Mary Warlick.

Hey, Hillary! Give a shout to the brave young gay organizers for demanding respect of their human rights. They deserve high-level praise from America's top diplomat.

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Fr√łken K said...

Oh you're interested in the topic too. Hello from a half Serbian half Norwegian straight girl fighting for freedom, human rights - and the right for people to be who they are everywhere! Watching the parade (on the internet, I live in liberal Oslo) I thought "is this Europe? Looks like Saudi Arabia to me" and I was so provoked. Yes the police behaved wonderfully - and even the one police man is caught on tape screaming to a hooligan "Hey! You're coming to MY Belgrade and you're destroying MY Belgrade! How dare you?!", and it brought tears to my eyes.

But the last time, nine years ago it was a true bloodbath. Even the policed didn't do anything, they weren't prepared at all. They can change legislation, but they need campaigns. How can changing the law help if homosexuals still have to hide in clubs with heavy security, clubs which change location every month? It's so sad. My Serbia needs to CHANGE, and it's time for people to face it, rather than hiding behind "but MOST Serbsa are peaceful". Doesn't help as long as this is the impression the world gets from us. And those hooligans weren't hooligans, they're Christian Nationalists. Strange how the pride parade is without problems in catholic Croatia and has been since the first year, where there were some clashes. And in muslim Istanbul, jewish Tel Aviv- all over the world! But NOT Serbia! Arrghhh provooookes me.

Sorry for writing too much ;)