Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gays Protest NYC
Corrupt Lesbian Pol Chris Quinn
Progressive gay activists interested in holding elected Democratic officials who happen to be lesbian or gay accountable staged a protest last night in Manhattan. They were there to remind folks going into a fundraiser that the Speaker of the New York City Council is a corrupt politician. Click here for some background on a few of the citizen's complaints leveled against Quinn over the years.

Here's a report on the protest, written by one of the organizers Donny Moss, who also shared with me a few photos. Keep up the great accountability, Donny and company. We gays need much more such campaigns to hold the Democratic Party gay to account for their ineptness and corruption.

From Donny:

On October 18, twenty New Yorkers held a protest against Christine Quinn at the Anti-Violence Project gala at the Prince George Ballroom on 27th and 5th (see pictures below). Quinn was an honorary chair of the event.

In a bit of irony, a guest of the gala attacked one of the people distributing handouts at the entrance. This person must have momentarily forgotten that she was attending an anti-violence event. Lucky for us, two police officers were standing 15 feet away.

Among the many LGBT luminaries who stopped to look at our signs and take our information were NYS Senator Tom Duane and Lambda Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Kevin Cathcart. Guests and passers-by appeared to be intrigued by the protest and wanted to learn more about why we were there.

While most of the guests took our handout as they entered the venue, a couple dozen chose not to. But we still had the chance to convey our messages to them by chanting loudly enough so that everyone in the reception area could hear us: "DEMOCRACY IS NOT FOR SALE. CHRISTINE QUINN SHOULD BE IN JAIL."

Stay tuned for the report and photos from our next protest against Christine Quinn.

Ah, how it warms my activist heart to know these NYC activists are not letting Quinn off the hook anytime soon. Two more pics from the action:

NY State Senator Tom Duane, center, looks at the protesters and their signs.


ish said...

Awesome protest! I wish I had known about it....

jetstar said...

Thank you very much! would hope that you will have plenty of articles or such, and more! Your article helped me a lot! Thanks

Dean Van de Motter said...

Michael, you are so awesome. Thank you so much for this post. Really cheers me up to see the activist pushback against Quinn!

Anonymous said...

Christine Quinn has abandoned even the pretense of progressive politics. She's a lesbian version of Sarah Palin, and she uses her gay "credentials" also to put lipstick on a pig -- as is the core of any politician who would climb to the top on the banks of a community on whom she then simply attempts to wield her power...all of which is derived from Michael Bloomberg and the real estate industry. As a lesbian, I am ashamed of her.