Friday, October 01, 2010

GetEQUAL Leader Poops 
on Self At Gillibrand Vigil

Goddess knows, I am tempted to say you can't make this shit up and I just did, which gave me a laugh, and I need more of 'em after this week of homo hell, and this is a time to give into temptation.

I was active with Jon Winkleman back in the heyday of ACT UP/NYC and today he made me aware of some stinky work that happened this week with a key GetEQUAL leader, Alan Bounville.

The more I think about the crappy week it's been for the lives and dignity of gay and questioning kids, and the abject failure of supposed gay education leaders to freely and willingly open their mouths in protest, this GetEQUAL leader's poop-in rings appropriate in the worst way.

From Winkleman:

I have mentioned to a few people the damage Tif [Todd Fernandez] is doing to the conversation and work being done to build a coalition around expanding the Civil Rights Act to include LGBT people. Attacking the one Senator talking about the subject is making the topic radioactive for any other congressional members to go near.

However the Day 3 Queer SOS blog posting about the Gillibrand vigil brings such dignity to the conversation and surely elevates the issue more than anyone else has.( I added my own highlights to what really grabbed my attention.)
Day 309/29/2010
It was a rocky morning getting started with Day 3 of the Queer SOS! Tif cried on the train. Iana was quite angered. And Alan shit his pants. And today was supposed to start off great! It was the first day this week it hasn't rained as we've been waiting outside for Senator Gillibrand to file the American Equality Bill.

After we all did our things to cool off and recharge a bit, we started to come around. Tif walked a few feet away to soak in the sun. Iana started talking with people. And Alan went to the nearest bathroom to clean himself up the best he could.
I have known Alan Bouneville for about a year and a half. Alan was part of Robin McGehee’s “Radical Minds Weekend” at the Highland Center and he is one of the activists she flies around the country for GetEqual Actions.
I have worked with Alan on several NYC based actions. He always wants to dismiss discussion of the “issue” and talk about the logistics of the radical tactic first.This drives me crazy. If we had senior superlatives he would be voted “most likely to self-immolate.”

Now on Day 1 of the vigil Tif wrote the following on the Act On Principles Blog:
The GOOD NEWS was that we met TWICE with Gillibrand’s staff – and her Campaign Manager Sarah Benzing invited us to use the facilities (bathrooms) as we needed, and took time to really listen to the argument for filing the American Equality Bill.

So Alan HAD use of Gillibrand’s bathroom. Also in that area of Manhattan there is a Starbucks with a public toilet every 13 feet. Alan and Tif were not handcuffed. Anyone who knows Alan Bouneville knows he looks for opportunities to martyr himself even when there is no real purpose to doing so.

Should we call the vigil a “shit-in”?


Anonymous said...

More evidence that self-described "activists" will do anything to get attention.

patrick said...

You are fucking hilarious.