Sunday, October 17, 2010

GetEQUAL's McGehee Fires DC Organizer

This news nugget found its way to my doorstep today, contained in a larger message about quite a few problems with stewardship of GetEQUAL by big boss Robin McGehee. I gotta give her props for setting up herself a nice fiefdom, with a large money cushion, and the ability to rack up millions of airlines miles. Get a load this shocking news:

GE paid staffer Jay Carmona was fired on the spot after not bringing numbers to an action, but Carmona reportedly told Robin that the attendance targets were not within the realm of reality long before the event. "Living Wage" Robin didn't seem to care, because she fired someone who had moved to DC for the job with no warning, no severance, etc. etc.

Some GetEQUAL co-directors are more equal than others, and clearly McGreedy, so named for her ravenous ambitions and decision-making piggishness, is the chief equalizer of this org. Since the source for the above nugget prefers anonymity, I asked a second link to GE to weigh-in on the news, so I sent a note to Geoff Millard. He's the gay Iraqi war vet who's now against the war and was engaged with Jay and GE when they staged an emergency rally at the White House over DADT. Click here for background.

Regarding Jay getting the boot from Robin, and a related matter of activist importance, Geoff says:

That's the story. That and most of us will not work with them now. 

The GE site's page for the staff no longer includes Jay's visage and bio sketch, and no explanation is shared with the community as to why she is no longer employed at the Astroturf org. If she's not too busy renting a yacht in Miami Beach, maybe Robin can shed some light on Jay's firing.

Would ENDA have protected Jay from being fired and treated like yesterday's trash, if it were on the books and under full enforcement?

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