Monday, May 10, 2010

Director Carey

Breaks $200,000 Salary Ceiling

(Compensation info from the task force's FY 2009 IRS 990 filing. Click to enlarge it.)

There is a few months lag-time from when a 501(c)3 non-profit files its IRS 990 report with the Treasury Department, and when it gets posted for public inspection at the GuideStar site.

In recent years, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has filed its IRS 990 by the end of March, which is why I contacted their director of finance, Brian Johnson, and asked if he would provide me with an electronic version of the FY 2009 filing.

He made a PDF of it available to me, and I am happy to share the most current info on the compensation of the top six executives at NGLTF. Bear in mind that these are last year's figures and they have most likely gone up for 2010.

The executive director, Rea Carey, took home $217,582, thus breaking the $200,000 salary ceiling.

Roberta Sklar, director of communications, earned $144,323; Brian Johnson was compensated $159,845; Sandra Greene, administration director, received $123,832; Russell Roybal, deputy director, earned $118,991; and Jaime Grant, policy director, received $117,426.

Total revenue for NGLTF in FY 2009 was $8.3 million.

By the way, based on the $335,000 it distributed to Christian orgs friendly to gays, I'd say this political org has made quite a strong investment in religion, and I'm not happy about that. I'd like to keep professional gay advocacy orgs out of the religious business, with bright line dividing the political advocates from the Christian orgs, no matter how welcoming they may be to gays. Would be great to hear from gay atheists about the $335,000 in religious-related donation from NGLTF.

The breakdown was thus: Reconciling Ministries Network of Chicago received $100,000; Lutherans Concerned of St. Paul received $85,000; United Church of Christ in Cleveland received $50,000; More Light Presbyterian of Santa Fe received $50,000; and Integrity of Rochester, NY, received $50,000.

On larger matters, I question why NGLTF's leaders need such healthy compensation. What have they accomplished at the federal level, and other places, that directly benefits the rest of the gay community? What exactly is the org's political agenda and are they successful at carrying it out?

Wish I could see valid reasons why NGLTF needs an $8.3 million budget, and some much-needed independent justification for the six-figure salaries.

A copy of the NGLTF IRS 990 for FY 2009 can be obtained from Brian Johnson: bjohnson (at) the taskforce (dot) com.


scott said...

I understand your sentiments regarding religion and LGBT organizing. Even though church attendance is falling, it is one of the few places Americans get together for in their communities. It is a great organizing tool and maybe a great investment for change.

AndrewW said...

I agree Micahel - we shouldn't be funding any religious activities.

Only 1% of churches in the US are "gay-friendly" and we don't need "acceptance" because there is nothing wrong with us.

Until Christians formally reject the traditional Christian belief that "homosexuality is wrong," we should not support them.

Rainbow flags hanging by the pulpit won't prevent young gay kids from taking their own lives BECAUSE their Christian Church taught them they were "wrong or defective." We won't save those lives until Christians stop teaching that lie.

I am more than glad to support any Christian denomination that rejects that traditional Christian belief - but, there aren't any. Not even the gayest Church in America - MCC, has formally rejected those beliefs.

We don't need to be accepted or tolerated or even "affirmed," there is NOTHING wrong with us.

Bob Schwartz said...

There was a time when LGBT organizations supported separation of church and state. Blurring the line between civil and religious space has contributed to the spectacle of politicians making ridiculous statements such as "my faith tells me that marriage is between a man and a woman." That ridiculous statement is by Barack Obama. Separate church and state!