Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video: Pelosi Says DADT

'A Memory Come Xmas'

My friend Bill Wilson, a longtime community photographer, attended Equality California's reception at the SF Gay Community Center yesterday for Nancy Pelosi and shares this report:

Speaker Pelosi commenting on DADT last night at the LGBT Center reception for Harvey Milk Day. She said she was going to put as much effort into DADT, ENDA and Gay marriage as went into healthcare. Have longer video but it is over 20 minutes so I have to do bits but I think this was the major news.

Bill also sent me his short video of her promise regarding Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and the crowd cheering her:

Time will tell if she, her Democratic colleagues in Congress, and the Obama administration deliver on that comment. And speaking of Xmas and American troops, I'd like to see gay leaders start to push to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan by Xmas.

Do we have any gay leaders pushing for peace?

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woody said...

Thank you Michael for asking that most important question. We need a critique of the military-industrial state and the racist and classist killing done in the name of freedom to have a truly balanced conversation about what inclusion in the military means for queers.