Monday, January 09, 2017

Wiener Phone Theft Trial May Begin on January 20th

Lasonya Wells is the middle-aged, homeless black woman who robbed elected official Scott Wiener of his phone in December 2015. She was in court on Friday.
Her public defender attorney Yali Corea-Levy told me today that “the trial has been continued to at least January 20 and I am ready for trial.”

You may recall Wells committed the alleged crime with her son Damian Wells and both have been in jail for more than year, because they can't afford bail. No word about when Damian's case will go to trial.

In my view, District Attorney George Gascon has over-charged in this case and is one that receives undue special prosecutorial attention because of the victim. If an ordinary citizen had their phone stolen in a mugging, I doubt Gascon would be pursuing a trial.

We'll learn on January 20 if the court will be clogged with trying Lasonya Wells and potentially locking her up for than the thirteen-months she's already been incarcerated.

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