Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sup. Sheehy Gave How Much to Wiener for Senate?

Never think you're getting the full story from Tim Redmond. The longterm progressive writer who fancies himself a thorough reporter, frequently omits important facts at his 48 Hills site.

Mayor Ed Lee's newly appointed District 8 supervisor, UCSF spokesman Jeff Sheehy, according to Redmond, has only made political donations at the local level. Redmond lists only the names of who received money from him, no amounts reported.

What Redmond also omits is that at the state level, Sheehy contributed $350 in 2016 to Scott Wiener's campaign for senate.

When it comes to following the money, Redmond needs a few lessons.

I predict Sheehy won't be an independent voice and vote on the Board of Supervisors. He'll be toeing the mayor's line and that is not good for the City.

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