Saturday, January 21, 2017

DPW: Building of Homeless Fence May Start on Monday

There simply isn't enough follow up with public agencies at City Hall.

You may recall my transparency effort over the summer with the Department of Public Works about their plan to erect a permanent anti-homeless fence around the McCoppin Hub, two-blocks from our home.

Neighbors closer to the public space near Valencia and Market, fed up with unruly behavior by folks camping in the plaza and unsanitary conditions, successfully lobbied Sup. Jane Kim and DPW to allocate funds for the fence.

No peeps of protests came from homeless advocates or progressive Democrats, many of whom were desperate, and failed, to get Kim elected over Scott Wiener to the state senate.

At a time when millions around the world are calling on #FakePresident Trump to build bridges and not walls, liberal San Francisco will soon construct a retractable metal fence to repel homeless people from using public property.

This week, I followed up with Rachel Gordon at DPW regarding the start date of building the fence and it could be as early at Monday.

A fence is no answer to the now greatly-diminished anti-social behaviors and filth of McCoppin Hub and social problems stemming from lack of affordable housing for all.

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