Friday, January 20, 2017

Fake News: SF Chronicle Quotes 9 Professors, No Citizens

On an given day of the news week, what academics think hogs up much real estate in San Francisco's major daily.

In four of today original Chronicle-reporter penned stories, no less than nine college professors are quoted, extensively too, in the front news and business sections.

The voices and concerns of regular folks or people outside of the university bubble are omitted.

Too often, a high number of Chronicle journalists rely on their same old academic contacts. They're usually easy to track down via email and always welcome the opportunity to pontificate.

What they have to say on a daily basis is fake news. It's reason why I generally read the Chronicle's paper edition more to count how many professors are quoted, or given space on the open ed page.

I don't care much about the content of their opinion; only how often they're quoted on a given day.

Here are the links to the stories in question:

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