Saturday, January 14, 2017

CA Pols Wiener & McGuire Withhold TRUMP Act Emails

Did you know electeds in Sacramento have passed open government laws that exempt themselves as state legislators from being required to release public records?

I did and I still filed a public records request with state senator Mike McGuire for his emails related to his TRUMP (Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public) Act proposal that he and fellow senator Scott Wiener introduced in December.

The secretary of the senate informed me that records sought, which may or may not exist, cannot be released because of the exemption granting special status to members of the legislature. Isn't that special?

McGuire and Wiener racked up a fair amount of news clippings for their PR stunt, attempting to require Donald Trump and all presidential hopefuls to release their tax returns in order to get on the 2010 California ballot.

Sure, let's enact such a transparency requirement of POTUS wannabes, but let's also force California's state senators and assembly members to fall under the full purview of all open government laws.

How about it, McGuire and Wiener? Their sunshine philosophy currently is "transparency for thee, not for me" and that needs to change.

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