Friday, January 13, 2017

(Photo credit: Rick Gerharter for the Bay Area Reporter.)

What's in Sup. Sheehy's Financial Disclosure Form?

Only one person vetted and voted for the new District 8 member of the Board of Supervisors, Mayor Ed Lee, who himself was installed without facing the voters. 

So much for San Francisco democracy allowing we, the people, to directly choose our leaders all of the times.

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, who is not my supervisor just as Trump is not my president, assumed office on January 8. 

According to Ethics Commission rules, Sheehy has to produce his Form 700 and disclose a bit of financial information for himself and his husband.

Would have been nice to have Sheehy's Form 700 available for public inspection before he was anointed supervisor. Sames goes for seeing Trump's tax returns before he won the presidency.

We'll simply have to wait for Sheehy to provide the commission with his filing and once that happens, it can be read here.

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