Friday, January 13, 2017

UCSF Reviewing Sup. Sheehy's Email Exchanges With City Hall

The University of California is subject to various open government statutes, a fact that needs repeating often since many folks don't know they can request a slew of public records from the various campuses.

Last week, I filed a request for copies of Jeff Sheehy's UCSF emails he exchanged with Mayor Ed Lee's staff and anyone at or any communication related to City Hall, from September 1 through the date of the request.

I also am seeking several years of his university financial disclosure forms, which are separate from the Form 700 he must fill out for the San Francisco Ethics Commission, now that he's a member of the Board of Supervisors.

Today, a public information officer for UCSF, Brenda Gee Peralta, sent me a letter stating my request is a work in process. Records have been gathered and are under review. Let's see how their process progresses next week when I'll ask for another status report.

American democracy, for me, equals being a citizen advocate year-round and recognizing voting on Election Day is a very minimal act of engagement.

Democracy demands we make our appointed officials as transparent as possible, and always remember Sheehy received a single vote, that of Mayor Lee, to assume the power he now possesses. There was no public vetting of Sheehy before he was chosen to be the supervisor for District 8.

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