Monday, January 23, 2017

Filed My First Trump White House FOIA Today

I wasn't surprised the information page for making a public records request of the White House was deleted by the new administration from their web site.

Today, I filed my initial Freedom of Information Act request with the #FakePresident. I used the "contact us" form and also snail-mailed my request to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What am I asking for? The FOIA log listing who's made requests thus far, in the first few days of this nightmare administration.

Let's see who's filed a request, what was asked for and how the White House processed the request. Have you made a FOIA request lately?

1 comment:

Patrick Monette-Shaw said...

Will you be the first blogger, or first journalist who will be told FOIA requests are no longer being accepted by the White House, Mikey?

It won't surprise me one bit if they tell you to go jump in a lake for the next four years.

Maybe it will be KellyAnne Conway herself who tells you: "The FOIA has been suspended until 2020 as too burdensome on us Tumpinistas!"

Patrick Monette-Shaw