Saturday, January 28, 2017

Call & Fax Feinstein's Hubby's Blum Capital: Stop Sessions!

Like many folks, I can't get through to Dianne Feinstein's offices on the telephone.

Apparently that's because she's overwhelmed with her California constituents who greatly rejected Donald Trump and his nightmare choice of Jeff Sessions for attorney general, trying to communicate their wish for Feinstein to reject Sessions.

In order to send her a message via her venture investor husband Richard C. Blum and his Blum Capital firm, I've tried calling its main number today.

It's not picking up and my calls go right to a dial tone, but I'll try again on Monday. However, the fax sounds to be in fine working order.

For those of you who can send faxes, please flood Blum Capital with anti-Sessions' comments.

The message for Blum and his firm is the same as for his wife: Stop Jeff Sessions from becoming US Attorney General.

Here's the information if you wish to call or fax Blum's investment company

Phone: 415-434-1111
Fax: 415-434-3130

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