Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Attack Mailer: Airbnb Buying SF Supervisors' Votes?

Kudos to the good folks at the Share Better SF advocacy group for their hard-hitting snail-mailer arriving at homes across the City recently.

The front asks: "Campaign donations taken in 2016 from Airbnb and its investors. Is Airbnb getting its money's worth?"

Mugshots of Scott Wiener ($265,000), Malia Cohen ($51,000), and Mark Farrell ($250,000), and amounts they received from Airbnb are featured above the question that needs to be answered by the electeds.

On the back, we learn facts about the politicians and their favorable votes for Airbnb.

The mailer says: "Airbnb is now suing San Francisco - its hometown - claiming it has a Constitutional right to facilitate and profit from illegal short-term rentals. So whose side are San Francisco politicians taking -- yours or Airbnb's?"

Our local democracy needs more such paper mailers year round, not just at election time. Thanks, Share Better SF for holding Wiener, Cohen and Farrell to account.

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