Sunday, January 22, 2017

Morphine & Me: Greetings From the ER!

After a week of fighting a cold, I wound up visiting the Sutter Health Davies emergency room for what turned out to be diverticulitis. Spent over four hours there on Saturday afternoon and into the night.

The staff checked my chest and lung for any signs of flu or pneumonia; negative on both. They administered two doses of morphine with no hesitation but my desire for an antibiotic was refused.

I had to get my two antibiotics afterward at Safeway, where it took just over two hours for my prescriptions to be fulfilled. Only one pharmacist is on duty weekend nights. Started those week-long regimens as soon as I got home.

Mike stayed home, nursing his flu-like ailments. There was no need for him to get stressed out accompanying me. He's experiencing a few less problems and we're helping each other meet our health challenges.

The diverticulitis pain isn't so bad and I'm still feeling a morphine hangover. My food intake is small and water intake's steady and large.

Btw, the current issue of Harper's magazine featuring guidance to resisting the Trump agenda was predictable and not the least inspiring to me, but the essays helped pass the hours.

Brava, to all of the Women's Marches around the globe and across America and everyone who participated in the events yesterday. Finally, many thanks to all the caregivers who took care of me at the ER.

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vcdiva said...

Glad you are doing Better! Love and healing to you and big Mike!💯🔥💋❤