Saturday, January 28, 2017

Look who made it to the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive last night. That's me at the Barbro Osher Theater before my movie began.

I got out of the house to catch a terrific new hybrid documentary and feature film from Egypt directed by Tamer El Said, "In the Last Days of the City." This was my first major outing in two weeks and was a good reentry into the world, after recent health challenges.

A young director is trying to finish his film, as his mother lies dying in a hospital bed, he searches for a one-apartment to rent, and his closest friends wrestle with remaining in Cairo or moving abroad. Gorgeous cinematography, a melancholy story, characters who retain deep personal hope in the face of authoritarianism - all make this movie worth seeing.

There are two more screenings at BAM/PFA for "In the Last Days of the City" and the first is Sunday, January 24 and Friday, February 3. Both times playing at 4 pm. Click here for more info and to purchase tickets.

Take advantage of these multiple screenings, a most welcomed new programming feature since the museum and archived opened a year ago in their new home.


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