Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wash Post Reporter Risks Arrest to Save S.F. Church

A San Francisco-based writer for the Washington Post is in the news today because he tussled with cops yesterday over the fate of religious artifacts in a Catholic church, recently sold by the archdiocese to an art school.

Joe Dignan, a gay Catholic who's been leading the charge to save St. Brigid's church, reports for gay newspapers in addition to his gig with the Washington Post.

The San Francisco Chronicle today has a photo of Dignan standing his ground, literally, and interfering with cops carrying out their duties in the latest skirmish in the years-long battle over St. Brigid's, which is posted here.

The story about parishioners risking arrest yesterday, can be found at this link.

Care to read one of Dignan's articles for the Washington Post? You'll find one here.

What, if anything, does all of this mean to me as a news consumer? Nothing more than I just imagined the Washington Post wouldn't allow a report to be so active as a political and religious activist, and write for the paper. I was wrong.

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