Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NYT's Calame Posts Letters, Re: Judy Miller

I'm beginning to really, really like what Calame is doing as the New York Times public editor. Go, Barney, go!

bcalame - 1:00 PM ET October 26, 2005 (#20 of 20)

Readers Respond to Miller Column and Postings

An unusually high number of readers have responded to the public editor column in the Sunday issue of The New York Times and to related Web Journal postings with messages from Bill Keller, the executive editor, and Judith Miller, the reporter who went to jail for 85 days to protect her confidential sources. Since the regular Sunday column devoted to reader response is more than two weeks away, I decided to post a selection that reflects several of the different points of view expressed in the messages sent to the public editor so far.


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