Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mary Cheney's New Job at AOL

That Mary Cheney sure knows how to use her family name to advance her career. She's taken a new job at AOL and has a new book coming out, I believe next year.

Cheney has never done a thing of substance to aid and benefit the gay and lesbian community, because she's either been busy working on her father's campaigns or avoiding interviewers who want to question her about her political leanings.

Maybe she'll explain her silence about the Bush administration's homophobic policies, when her book is published, and she needs to make a profit for the publisher.

October 25
The Advocate

Mary Cheney takes a job at AOL

After stumping for her father’s vice presidential campaign last year, Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney, has returned to the private sector with a marketing position at AOL. Cheney will be working under AOL vice chairman Ted Leonsis, who leads the company’s Audience Business, a marketing division of the internet behemoth that seeks to grow AOL’s Internet audience via Web-based programming and products, sources tell Advocate.com.


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