Friday, October 28, 2005

Pinch Plagiarizes Pinch! Misspells "Jornalism!"

This is rich. That little talk Sulzberger gave today to the Online News Association was covered by the AP wire:

"[...] In a speech to the Online News Association, Sulzberger defended Miller's decision to go to jail to protect the anonymity of vice-presidential chief of staff I. Lewis 'Scooter Libby. [...]"

What the AP didn't report is that Sulzberger's speech today was a variation of the talk he gave in March to the Inter American Press Association in Panama City.

One huge difference in what he said back then and today, of course, is that Sulzberger today said more about Judy Miller and her mess.

In my opinion, Sulzberger basically plagiarized himself, a fact he didn't tell his Online News Association audience, which included the AP reporter.

This is the link to his March speech.

And here's where you go to read the October version.

By the way, someone should inform Sulzberger about the following misspelled name and words in his March remarks: Jason, requiere, inovative, jornalism, isn, acuracy, commited, diseminate.

And one paragraph is repeated twice.

Paging Jayson Blair!

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