Saturday, October 22, 2005

NYT Asked to Release Miller's Memo to Keller & Post on the Web

Catherine Mathis
Communications Director
The New York Times

Dear Catherine,

The Times today reports on Bill Keller's memo to staff about some aspects of his role in the Judy Miller matter. The full text of Keller's memo, which has not been printed in the paper and is not available on your web site, is however posted on the Washington Post's site.

Two requests:

1. Please make Keller's memo available, for free, on the Times' site.

2. Release the full text of Miller's memo to Keller, also for no charge, responding to his statements.

From today's Times: "Ms. Miller said in an interview that Mr. Keller's statements were 'seriously inaccurate.' She also provided The Times with a copy of a memorandum she had sent to Mr. Keller in response."

Help me to better understand what she means by "seriously inaccurate" and share the contents of her memo.

I see no reason why the Times should not post the entire memos from Keller and Miller, especially if the paper is serious about restoring readers' confidence in it.


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