Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Judy Miller's Mug Shot

Random questions for the MSM, from a queer progressive-leaning blogger and news consumer:

1. Where is Judy Miller's mug shot? I can't believe one of the world's most famous ex-prisoners, who supposedly went to the slammer for the public's right to know, is enjoying the pleasure of having done time and not having her must broadcast and printed, far and wide. Guess in the end no one has the right to know what Miller's mug shot looks like.

Searching various celebrity, mainstream news and government sites turned up nothing for Miller. But this ghoul's ugly face comes up many places and appeared across media outlets, straight and gay. Why is it easier to find Michael Jackson's mug shot on the web than Judy Miller's?

Telegram for Mr. Sulzberger! Message: Print the mug shot of Judy, presumably wearing jailhouse orange, in the Gray Lady.

2. Has Michael D. Brown honestly and finally left FEMA and the federal government's payroll? I'd like to know if he's peddling his resume up and down K Street, or if he's still getting a check from his pals running the government. Did his consulting gig with FEMA come to end?

3. Is now the time to engage in the blame game about the Katrina disaster? Wish I knew what was happening with all those Democratic Party leaders and their calls for an independent commission to look at the atrocious federal response to Katrina and the needs of evacuees.

4. How goes Bush's investigation of his very own actions and those of his administration in the days leading up to Katrina making U.S. land, and the crucial days immediately after the levees gave way in New Orleans? Met with himself lately?

5. Has Karl Rove, in between when he appears at GOP fundraisers around the nation and time talking to prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and his lawyer, done anything significant lately as head of the Bush administration's effort to rebuild New Orleans and the devastated Gulf Coast. Last I heard, he was the go-to guy for post-Katrina rebuilding.

6. Where's Dick Cheney?

7. How many NY Times shareholders and readers think the silence of Times public editor Barney Calame about the paper's October 16 package on Miller's mess, is curious or odd, and part of the overall problem with the Times about Miller--silence and obfuscation? Considering Calame a week ago grandly said "The Time is Now" for a full explanation from the paper, now is turning out to be a very tardy thing.

8. Did Nancy Pelosi succeed in returning some of the pork she stuffed into the transportation bill, and the money instead sent to New Orleans to assisting in rebuilding the city?

Answers from the MSM, for publication, are very welcome.

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