Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bravo! Calame Posts New Email From Judy Miller!

Well, that was short hiatus! I have to share an amazing and valuable Judy Miller development.

Barney Calame has posted Miller's email to him, in response to his column about her mess. It's so heartening to see Calame using his blog in the past few days to do what the top Times leaders can't: Share with readers the full text of emails from Bill Killer and Miller.

Keep it up, Mr. Calame. At least one reader and shareholder lauds your effort in sharing with readers, Miller's emails. Give us more, please. Include us readers, the bosses, or so it is claimed in the Times' ethical guidelines that the reader is a Times reporter's ultimate employer, in the email loop about and from Judy Miller.

Let's see the Times, through you and the public editor's desk, finally deliver on transparency for the reader.

Read Miller's email to Calame. She's quite a piece of work.

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