Friday, October 28, 2005

UK Press Association: Bush Heckled During Terror Speech

Fascinating that the first MSM report on Bush being heckled today in Virginia is from a foreign news outlet. Let's see if any of the American MSM report on the heckling, and if so, if they play it up like the Scotsman does, with headlines like this: Bush Heckled During Terror Speech.


October 28, 2005
The Scotsman
United Kingdom

[...] Outside the Norfolk convention hall, a small group of anti-war protesters greeted him by chanting "Bush lies."

Inside, as the president spoke, a man on the second level interrupted him, yelling "War is terrorism. War is terrorism. Step down now Mr President. Torture is terrorism."

Bush continued speaking as the man left the hall.

Mindful of the public anxiety, the president attempted to underscore the danger the United States faces from terrorists, comparing leaders of al Qaida to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.[...]

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