Thursday, October 27, 2005

For Serious Judy Miller Watchers Only!

Need a fix of Judy Miller trivia? If your answer is yes, then read on!

A used copy of Miller's latest book, "Germs," is available on for as low as $1.38. Need to read it?

Too much money to spend on such an item? Well, her other book, "God Has Ninety-Nine Names," can be had for the incredibly low price of $0.12. Buy it now!

This undated photo of Miller, with her hands resting on notes and documents, comes from a Russian news site. Have no idea if the image was snapped when and if she visited Russia, or if it was taken when a Russian photojournalist came to America and met her. Find the photo at the Lenta news site.

Miller and her husband had problems with their neighbors, back in July 1998, according to a story in the Sag Harbor Express. An excerpt:

>The fact that Jason Epstein has an elaborate and admittedly beautiful garden in his yard didn't impress two of his neighbors on Tuesday night when an application to convert a garage and carport into a pool house came before the Sag Harbor Zoning Board of Appeals. They wanted it moved further from their homes, even if it meant plopping it in Mr. Epstein's prized garden. [...]

>Attorney Fred Thiele, representing Mr. Epstein and his wife Judith Miller, argued that the proposed renovation would not adversely effect the neighborhood in any way. Observing that the vast majority of properties in the neighborhood had one feature or another that was non-conforming to current zoning standards, Thiele said the renovation would neither change the neighborhood, nor increase any non-conformity on the Epstein property. [...]

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