Friday, October 21, 2005

National Journal: Where is Judy Miller's Mug Shot?

Judith Miller
The New York Times

Dear Ms. Miller:

You claim over and over you went to jail for the public's right to know, a noble right in our precious democracy. I'm most interested in knowing what you look like in your mug shots and have filed a FOIA request for the photos. As you know, FOIA requests can take a long time, so I'm asking a favor of you. Please make my life easy and immediately release copies of your booking photos from July 6, through your attorney. The right to know everything about your jail experience should include public display of your mug shots.

Michael Petrelis


The National Journal
October 21, 2005

Activist/blogger Michael Petrelis asks: "Where is Judy Miller's mug shot? I can't believe one of the world's most famous ex-prisoners, who supposedly went to the slammer for the public's right to know, is enjoying the pleasure of having done time and not having her must broadcast and printed, far and wide." Petrelis posts the text of his just-mailed FOIA request for Miller's mugshots.

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