Friday, October 21, 2005

New Republic, Like Me, Asks: NYT Silent on Salah/Miller/Fitz Nexus. Why?

Catherine Mathis
Communications Director
The New York Times

Dear Catherine:

Your silence continues. I've sent you a few emails and called you once about Judy Miller's link to Mohammed Salah case in Chicago, which pits her against prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, and have not heard back from you.

More importantly, the Times, three days after being scooped by the Chicago Sun Times on how Miller may be called to testify about Israel's interrogation of Salah, the Times hasn't printed one word about this development.

I want to make you aware of an article posted on the New Republic's web site today that, like me, is asking why the Times has not seen fit to print anything about the Salah/Miller/Fitzgerald nexus.

From the New Republic:

[...] By not including this backstory, the Times made a mistake. Especially since, in the last few days, the story of Miller and Fitzgerald's relationship has acquired yet another chapter: According to a Chicago Sun-Times report earlier this week, Miller may be called to testify by Fitzgerald yet again, in a Chicago terrorism trial. Defense attorneys for a Bridgeview, Illinois man who spent time in an Israeli prison were quoted as anticipating that Miller would soon offer testimony on the nature of their client's interrogation by the Israeli government back in 1993--an interrogation she has reported having personally observed. Will the Times report on this? We'll find out.

What do you say, Catherine? Will the Times get around to covering this?

As always, a prompt reply is requested and very appreciated.


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